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by | Mar 29, 2016

Do you want to read all my travel blog posts? Yes, this is the right page. On this page you will all my travel blog posts, from the oldest one to the newest. If you don’t know already, I not just write about music festivals and different destinations, I also love writing about the nuances of traveling, tips, inspiration, how it shapes up relationships (life partner or friend) and how it made me meet my soul mate!

8 Useful Gadgets for Traveling

Going on your most-awaited trip soon? You’ve probably made a list of all the travel essentials that you’re going to pack for your trip. Whether you’re traveling for leisure or for business, you’d better be prepared to keep yourself entertained and your sanity intact...

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How To Maximise Your Holiday Experience

This is a guest post from Seb from Aspiring backpacker dot com Travel can be an absolute joy, but you can always make it better and that is something that we all aspire to do. Of course, this generally means that you need to spend a lot more money to have the amazing...

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20 Ideas to Celebrate the New Year’s Eve

New Year's Eve is around the corner and is that time of the year where the party goes on for a very long time. How about you skip the same old celebration in your hometown and do something different? To help you plan, we have a lot of ideas for you under different...

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3 Fantastic Places in Crete

From ancient art and architecture to stunning scenery and the sea, Crete boasts a fascinating history and plenty of natural beauty. I first came to this Mediterranean island for a unique insight into Europe’s first civilization and its renowned Minoan palaces, but I...

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